I tend to write very long and intricate papers!

Because of that, I have created these "sample" versions, focused on one specific point or argument from the long version.

Click on the titles to see the drafts.

Attention and the precision of color perception

Can attention make us perceive more determinate colors? Can it make these percepts more precise? And what exactly does that mean?

This is paper stems from Attention, precision and the Content View. It was recently presented at SSPP 2022.

Attentional enhancement and the rise of consciousness 

If attention enhances information, and if consciousness requires enhancement of information, then, why sometimes attention can make stimuli disappear from consciousness? Three cases in point are motion-induced blindnessTroxler fading, and the attentional blink

This paper stems from Vicarious attention, degrees of enhancement and the contents of consciousness. It was recently presented at the CVBE's Lab Meeting, in Munich.