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I've tended to write very long and intricate papers...


Because of that, I created these shorter "samples", focused on one specific point or argument from the long version.

Click on the titles to see the drafts.

📝 Attention and the precision of color perception (<3000w)

From: Attention, precision and the Content View. Recently presented at SSPP 2022.

Key points:

  • A recent study showed that attention may not affect how precisely we perceive colors: precision is the same with or without attention. 

  • But these results do not seem to concern the color properties represented in our visual experiences. They probably concern a more "high level" property.

  • In fact, attention modulates some low level properties that probably do affect the precision of represented colors (e.g., brightness and saturation).

📝 Attentional enhancement and the contents of consciousness (<8000w)


From: Vicarious attention, degrees of enhancement and the contents of consciousness. Recently presented at the CVBE's Lab Meeting (LMU).

Key points:

  • Attention has a crucial role in making contents transition from being unconsciously processed to being consciously experienced.

  • Yet, sometimes attention seems to work in the opposite way: attending to a target makes it disappear from consciousness. Cases in point: motion-induced blindness, Troxler fading, and the attentional blink. 

  • I propose that these two seemingly opposing patterns can be explained by the idea that attention is an informational enhancer. 


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