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Social and Ethical Issues in Computing


An introductory undergraduate course. 

In this course, students first learn about four leading ethical theories: consequentialism, deontology, virtue ethics and care ethics.

Then, they apply the concepts of these theories to dilemmas arising from our interactions with emerging technologies, including:

   -  Self-driving cars: How to program them in the most ethical way?

   -  Artificial intelligence: How does it interact with moral agency

        and responsibility?

   -  Virtual worlds: Can they be as valuable as non-virtual reality?

  • Sample readings:

📎 Unique Ethical problems in information technology

📎 Exploring the ethics behind self-driving cars

📎 Self-driving cars dilemmas and moral relativism

📎 The Moral Machine experiment

📎 The virtual and the real

📎 The gamer's dilemma

📎 A new solution to the gamer's dilemma

📎 Why be moral in a virtual world?

  • Sample materials 


📌 Racism and sexism in computing technology

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